BAZIAN Cement Plant



Bazian Cement Plant joined Lafarge Group in 2008 in the frame of acquisition of Orascom Cement Group.

The plant equipments are designed and manufactured  by a leading German company "Polysius - AG" and constructed by an Egyptian leading company in Middle East and Mediterranean Basin "Orascom construction", Bazian location approximately 40 Km west of Sulymania -Kurdistan region-Iraq.



Main contactor: Polysius AG

Subcontractor: Cementech.

Project start on site:

Jan-2006 / Project duration: 24 months

  • Bazian plant is designed with state -of-the-art highly efficient and low cost production facilities with production capacity 7000 ton per day clinker (2.7 M ton/year) with two kind of Clinker (Ordinary Portland {OPC})  and (Sulphate Resistant {SRC}).
  • Bazian is considered a pioneer in a certain growing market which share in re-building new Iraq.
  • Bazian satisfying international environmental standard with advanced control system achieving:
  • Highest standers and quality.
  • Consumption optimization.
  • Continuous pollution control.
  • Maintain highest safety level.

Kiln firing:

17 December 2007



BCC can produce many types of cement:

-Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

-Portland Limestone Cement (CEM II).

-Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC).

-Karasta (CMII).

-High early strength cement (HESC).