Project Plants


A trusted on-site project solution

With a strong heritage in the Middle East and Iraq operating project plants, Lafarge provides a complete project plant solution that removes the risks of concrete for the contractor to enable them to deliver projects within time, quality and financial constraints.

New Projects


For new projects, Lafarge can install mobile project plants on site within weeks of contractual agreement. All equipment is maintained and operated by Lafarge, ensuring a level of consistency and standardisation of supply. For smaller projects, Lafarge can normally supply concrete from its vast network of plants throughout Iraq.

Existing Projects


Having proven experience at operating project plants in Iraq, Lafarge can operate existing project plants for current projects. This arrangement allows contractors to focus on their core avicities with the knowledge that the concrete provided under Lafarge management is the highest quality an is economically viable.




Quality Assured by internationally experienced Lafarge management Reduced through life project costs Technical support from Lafarge regional and international research centres. Access to exclusive Lafarge concrete solutions Specialised concrete designed for local conditions and materials meeting International standards. Standardised materials and supply chain enabling maximum consistency.



Quality Control


All concrete produced by Lafarge is done so under the highest of international standards by trained technicians using computerised batching systems. Throughout Iraq, Lafarge has a consistent and complete materiel supply chain, including admixtures, cement and aggregates. This ensures an unbeatable concrete solution of international quality for the local market.



Product Access


Being the world leader in building materials, Lafarge has dedicated research facilities that have developed unique concrete solutions bringing a new era in design and build concepts.

These products allow developers and contractors to significantly reduce concrete and construction costs, greatly improve the quality of the delivered product and also allow the contractor to develop their reputation as being a contractor meeting international standards in Iraq. By choosing Lafarge as the supplier of concrete for a project, contractors and developers are giving their project the best possible opportunity for success in Iraq.


Speed to Market


Lafarge is able to install and begin operating a project concrete plant within weeks of contractual confirmation. This includes bringing appropriate international resources and a specialised project installation team to the site so operational issues are eliminated prior to production commences. Where it is feasible, whilst maintaining Lafarge's exacting standards, Lafarge also believes in providing access to jobs for local residents in the project community. Project teams normally comprise a combination of international and local employees and are developed dependant on the skill sets available within the local community. Lafarge is also able to offer access to prefabricated concrete facilities. This enables contractors to rapidly reduce the time to establish project facilities and begin the important work of project delivery.