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Lafarge concrete is preferred in prestigious large scale projects

Lafarge becomes concrete provider in large scale prestigious construction projects in whole Iraq. Few recent examples of such projects are as follows: Khabat Thermal Power Plant in Kurdistan Federal region, a very important project for the energy needs of the region. Lafarge is going to provide 80.000 m3 high performance concrete for this project.


Gulan Tower, Erbil Media City and High Crest Hotel are other prestigious projects in which Lafarge concrete is used. Lafarge provides 40.000 m3 high performance special concrete for Gulan Tower Project that is about to be completed. Erbil Media City Project will be completed in 2016 and total amount of concrete to be provided by Lafarge for this project is 70.000 m3. Also High Crest Hotel Erbil Project is being built with Lafarge concrete; total amount of concrete to be used in this project will be 45.000 m3.


The Bab Al Nassiryah project in Dhi-Qar (Nassiryah) is one of the largest investments in housing sector Lafarge involves in. It is a residential complex with 944 units with completed infrastructure that requires 200,000 m3  of concrete supply over 2 years meaning 60 KT of cement. There are some new technologies will used in this project, such the new molding system form work, because the house's construction materials is completely a concrete (foundation, walls and roof), and new heat isolation system by using Isofoam boards inside the walls, which Lafarge working on giving them new options to integrate the design requirement, by using Lafarge Thermedia technology product, and we negotiate with them to use our VAPs as possible solution for many parts of the construction process. Lafarge will operate a RMX plant on the construction site and will be responsible for concrete production and quality control.