Stakes and strategy


With a world population set to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, the construction industry faces a major challenge: how to meet the housing and infrastructure needs of the world's population, while ensuring that construction is ever more efficient and sustainable. For Lafarge, innovation and research are major levers for inventing materials and construction solutions able to respond to these challenges. The Group devotes 2/3 of its research budget to sustainable construction and focuses on key areas.

Building for everyone

Today, over 4 billion people on Earth do not have access to decent housing. Lafarge R&D is working on the development of newaffordable housing solutions for everyone, which are adapted to the needs of the markets where the Group operates.

To meet this demand of housing and infrastructure, building quicklyhas become a necessity. But builders and contractors often face a shortage of skilled labor to achieve it. Therefore, Lafarge research teams have developed new products and solutions improving jobsite efficiency, which are fast, simple and safe to implement.


Improving the energy efficiency of buildings

For Lafarge, improving energy efficiency is a twofold issue:

  • reducing the energy consumed during the manufacturing of its products;
  • developing products and solutions which can improve the energy efficiency of buildings over their entire lifecycle.

Preserving the environment and promoting well-being

Lafarge is focusing a significant amount of its R&D efforts on increasing the environmental benefits of its production processes and of the solutions developed for the construction sector:

  • reducing carbon footprint during cement manufacturing;
  • optimizing the use of natural resources;
  • reducing water consumption;