Lafarge Iraq completed pouring foundation concrete of the second-tallest building in Iraq through a non-stop operation lasted for 26 hours


Wahid Imam, GM - Lafarge Iraq Concrete Operations, stated that the operation has been conducted with utmost attention to the safety measurements as well as high level of quality control.

Kirmanj Construction Executive Manager Eng. Sabah Noori Ali states: “Lafarge meets our expectations at highest level starting with product and service quality. We need high performing concrete meeting technical standards required by the project specifications which is provided by Lafarge. Lafarge teams deliver the concrete on site exactly on time as concrete operation scheduled; they have all equipment needed on the site like big mobile concrete pumps, stationary pumps and hydraulic distributer. Beside product & service quality, Lafarge has a good customer service; they treat with project owner and engineers professionally; they always listen to them and answered their questions and claims. Also Lafarge's quality control team has good experience to take concrete slump and samples. There is no quality issue as cracks or failures in concrete; all test results are above our expects"

The Zaniary E1 Tower is one of the four towers to be built by the Kirmanj Construction Company in the Zaniary district of Erbil, the capital city of the Iraqi Federal Region of Kurdistan. The project includes residential units and a large business center.

The Zaniary E1 Tower will be built on 1.300 m2 area and the total built up area is 65.000 m2 with the height of 165 m (44 flours) that makes it the second tallest building in the country after Central Bank of Iraq which is another project that Lafarge Iraq supplies concrete for. The Zaniary Towers project is planned to be completed in coming three years.

Lafarge Iraq is going to supply 30.000 m3 high performance concrete to this tower.

About 10.000 m3 concrete already supplied for the last two residential towers in 2018 and the concrete works will complete after a month.