Lafarge Iraq takes part in country’s strategic infrastructure projects


The federal government of Iraq has been conducting several large scale infrastructure projects having strategic importance for the country’s development. Lafarge Iraq takes part in seven ongoing major infrastructure projects providing cement and/or concrete as well as technical expertise and support.

Besmaya City - Baghdad

It is the largest ongoing housing project in the Middle East. It includes over 100.000 housing units as well as service facilities including schools, hospitals etc. Besmaya City will be able to house 500.000 people, offering a much better alternative in terms of living conditions and job prospects.

Lafarge Iraq contributes this projects as the main supplier of cement. 80 KT cement delivered in 2017 and total 100 KT cement in 2018 will be delivered.


Mosul Dam

Mosul Dam, is the largest dam in Iraq. It is located on the Tigris river in the western governorate of Ninawa, upstream of the city of Mosul. The earthen embankment dam is located on top of gypsum, a soft mineral that dissolves in contact with water. A September 2006 report by the United States Army Corps of Engineers noted, "In terms of internal erosion potential of the foundation, Mosul Dam is the most dangerous dam in the world." The repairs were started in October 2016. In May 2017, it is announced that the dam was going back to normal operation. Reinforcement work still ongoing.

Lafarge Iraq’s contribution: Exclusive supply of SRC cement from Bazian Cement Plant. Phase I completed: June 2017 – April 2018 23KT delivered Phase II: under negotiation.


 Karbala Refinery

The Karbala Refinery project is considered the largest infrastructure project in the middle of Iraq (Karbala province) with an expected completion date of 2018. As the main infrastructure project in the middle of Iraq, it will employ many local engineers and bring international contractors to the province and will add 140,000 bpd to the oil production capacity of Iraq. The refinery will be located 35 km south west of Karbala and 150 km from Baghdad. It has a total project area of 10 square kilometers

Lafarge Iraq’s contribution: Phases 1 & 2 completed Extension started: Exclusive supply of RMX concrete. Total expected: 170K m3 concrete 60K m2 VAP (foam concrete)


Al-Faw Grand Port Breakwater

Al Faw Grand Port, situated on the Arabian Gulf, is expected to give Iraq a new gateway to the outside world, as existing facility is insufficient to deal with potential general, container and petroleum products throughput into and out of Iraq. The project's scope of work involves the construction of a port with a total handling capacity of 99,000,000 tonnes per year.

Lafarge Iraq’s contribution: Exclusive supply of cement. 17KT delivered in 2017. 13KT in YTD 2018. Forecast: 2KT/month till mid 2019.


Umm Qasr Terminal

Basra Gateway Terminal, Umm Qasr is Iraq's second port in scale of size and goods shipped to the port of Basra, it is strategically important, located on the western edge of the al-Faw peninsula. A comprehensive rehabilitation and expansion project is ongoing.

Lafarge Iraq’s contribution: Exclusive supply of SRC cement from Karbala. Contract signed. Delivery: November 2018 – August 2019 31KT SRC cement total sales.


Sweirah (Essaouira) Airbase Project

The airbase is located in Wasit province, in Sewera district around 70 Km south to Baghdad and a rehabilitation project is ongoing.

Lafarge Iraq’s contribution: Exclusive supply of SRC cement from Karbala. Started delivery: June 2018 Sales forecast: 400KT over 3 years.


Central Bank of Iraq

The new Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is one of the final designs gifted from the world renowned Iraqi architect, the late Zaha Hadid. Iraqi Central Bank project reflects not only modern-visionary architecture but also a very high level concrete engineering thanks to Lafarge’s worldwide know how and innovative, ultra-high performance concrete products.

Lafarge Iraq’s contribution: Exclusive supply of RMX. Started deliveries in September 2018. Total expected: 148K m3 of concrete.