Early Careers Leadership Program

This six-month leadership program enables our early career leaders to gain experience, improve their business skills, increase their exposure to senior management, build their global network and grow as leaders. The program is fully online and is structured around insights from renowned international experts.


Testimonials from ECLP participants


Pairaw HamaSalih- Sales Manager Center

The ECLP program proved to be an engaging and interactive experience, connecting me with global peers and inspiring minds while honing my skills. Over the six-month journey, I gained valuable knowledge and developed critical skills such as time management, task prioritization, and stepping outside my comfort zone. In my opinion, this program surpasses any other I have attended to date.

Arivan Kamaran- Customer Service Manager

The ECLP was a transformative experience for me. It provided invaluable opportunities to develop my leadership skills, learn from industry experts, and network with like-minded professionals. The training and mentorship accelerated my career growth and I highly recommend it to any young professional seeking to enhance their leadership abilities.