The LIFE Program, developed by MEA L&D, is a development program designed to enhance managerial skills for supervisory and managerial levels of an organization. The program aims to empower team leaders and engineers and create a healthy workplace environment that enables individuals to learn, act, and make decisions to improve their performance. The LIFE Program is a learning journey based on experiential learning, which includes on-the-job assignments (OTJA) to be implemented by participants between program phases, coaching to reflect on experiences, and face-to-face training sessions to back up practice with theory.

There are four phases in the program: Launch, Impact, Further, and Embed. The Launch phase, which lasts two days, consists of one day for participants and one day for their coach. The Impact phase is a three-day face-to-face training session for participants, followed by the Further phase, which is also a three-day face-to-face training session. The Embed phase is the program's closing phase, which lasts one day for participants and their coach. The LIFE Program focuses on developing three sets of skills: managing self, managing others, and managing results. These skills aim to empower teams to achieve Lafarge's vision and ambitions, increase engagement at all levels, and create a coaching culture within the organization. In conclusion, the LIFE Program is an essential development program that enables individuals to develop their skills, empowers them to make decisions to improve their performance, and creates a coaching culture within the organization.