Lafarge Academy In Iraq certified 11 local masons


Lafarge-Iraq is pleased to announce the opening of the Lafarge Academy in Iraq. The objective of the Academy is to work directly with the local construction industry to transfer the latest technical techniques and knowledge into the local market.


Today at Lafarge Academy held it's inaugural graduation ceremony for the first 11 masons to graduate from the academy.


Speaking at the graduation ceremony, George Elias, Lafarge-Iraq's marketing director, said:


'There will be various training courses throughout the year and we look forward to working with the local masons to improve and develop skills in the local construction sector.'


One of the masons Wasta Jamal, commented that one of the most important things he had learned was health and safety in the work place:


'Before we wouldn't have worn a hard hat, gloves, special shoes or the protective glasses- but it's very important to wear them.'


Addressing the graduates Elias went on to say:



'Being a graduate of the Lafarge Academy certifies the standard of your work, your customers will be confident that you will provide a good service to them.'