Lafarge keeps making green its environment


As part of social responsibility initiatives, Lafarge green environment campaign is being continued in Bardaqaraman area in Bazian sub-district. In the farme of an event with participation of Lafarge staff and local authorities, a total of 250 trees have been planted including gardens of two schools.

Representatives of local municipality, school principals and teachers, police, local NGOs, local community representatives and Lafarge employees. This project helps to expand the green area, support the protection of environment which accordingly helps to create clean and healthy environment surrounding the Bazian Plant. The total cost of this project is IQD 2 million and 750 thousand.


During the event, on behalf of the local community the municipality representative expressed the gratefulness of people of the projects which have been conducted in the area. He also stressed that the area needs support of Lafarge in education sector; renovation of school and provision of school stuff.