Lafarge-Iraq launches its first ‘Safe Driving’ CD with Kurdish pop star Halwest


As part of it annual health and safety drive, Lafarge Iraq launched its ‘Safe Driving' campaign which features a 10 track CD by Halwest and incorporates key safety messages.

Lafarge Iraq today launched their Safe Driving campaign at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Sulaimania. The campaign features a CD by well-known Kurdish singer Halwest Abdulla, who reads out key safety messages in between the tracks. Over 1000 copies of the CD have been pressed and will be given to all of Lafarge's drivers and other employees as well as the company's external stakeholders


Speaking at the launch, Rachid Benyakhlef, the CEO of Lafarge Iraq said "At Lafarge we are committed to encouraging good health and safety practices amongst all our employees. We felt it important to do a campaign to focus on road and driver safety, unfortunately Iraq has too high a level of road traffic accidents."


In addition to the CD, the campaign will be supported buy a selection of posters that promote good driving practices including the '10 golden rules of safe driving' such as always wearing seat belt, obeying the speed limit and never using a mobile phone whilst driving. These three example rules alone would decrease the road traffic accident rates in Iraq significantly if all drivers adhered to them.


Halwest, who donated his time and songs to the project for free; said he became involved in the project because "Most of us spend a significant part of our day driving for both private and business issues. Sometimes we drive our families, children and friends in our cars, we take their lives in our hands this is a big responsibility. We all know that driving might be very very risky if we don't follow safe driving rules, so I wanted to do something to help change the culture."


The response from Lafarge's staff has been positive, Farhad Kareem, a driver for the company, said that he really liked that they were receiving the message in a more novel way whilst driving. "Seeing the messages on the posters in the office is one thing, hearing them when you are actually driving reminds you to follow them!"



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