Concrete Products


Uniquely IRAQ

Customised concrete solutions for Iraq

Recognising the unique characteristic of the Iraq environment that affect the production and finish of concrete, Lafarge is committed to develop a specialized range of Ultra Series concrete solutions that are specifically developed by Lafarge for the local Iraq market. These innovative concrete solutions are rigorously tested and tested by international quality engineers to the highest standards. Ultra Series products provide customers with the confidence that the concrete solution they will use will be suitable in any project environment and weather condition within Iraq.

Examples of Ultra Series products that can be available for customers include Ultra Series Poly Fibre, High Strength, Lightweight, Shotcrete, Screed and Mortar.




With specialized logistics solutions for all project types, Lafarge has delivered concrete in the most challenging environments. This has included developing specialized Lafarge concrete and delivery solutions to meet customer project requirements.

Available VAP Products Range:

  •  High & Ultra performing concrete products
  •  Stabilized Mortar
  •  Water Proof & Water tight Concrete
  •  Pervious Concrete
  •  Flow Concrete
  •  BC Tranche
  •  Early Strength Concrete
  •  Light Weight Concrete; structural & normal
  •  Screed
  •  Fiber (steel fiber, polypropylene)


Lafarge Concrete delivers daily in Iraq the quality of the Lafarge Group.

 This is our commitment.

We constantly strive to help customers generate value in their businesses through innovation.