With 15 ready mixed concrete manufacturing sites supplying projects of all types and sizes, Lafarge Iraq leads the way in innovative concrete mixes and is committed to providing the best customer service.

Lafarge Iraq has an enviable reputation for superior quality products and services.

Project Plants

A trusted on-site project solution

With a strong heritage in the Middle East and Iraq operating project plants, Lafarge provides a complete project plant solution that removes the risks of concrete for the contractor to enable them to deliver projects within time, quality and financial constraints.


Concrete Products

Recognising the unique characteristic of the Iraq environment that affect the production and finish of concrete, Lafarge is committed to develop a specialized range of Ultra Series concrete solutions that are specifically developed by Lafarge for the local Iraq market.


Manufacturing Process

Water mixed with cement and aggregates. The formula seems simple, but the reality of concrete manufacturing is far more complex. Click here to find out more about the concrete manufacturing process.