Ultra Flow Concrete


Improve the flow without adding water:

Lafarge offers customers products to increase the productivity of their crews as well as maintain the quality of concrete.



Use a simple way to achieve changes to the slump of your concrete to adapt to the conditions of your particular project or structure. With Flow Concrete, you can order 3 levels of slump change with different strength ranges.



Flow Concrete makes the concrete physically easier to place without the addition of water. Use Flow Concrete for:

  • High strength concretes.
  • Vertical walls and columns.
  • Structures with heavy steel reinforcement.
  • Floor slabs and exterior flatwork.
  • Floor slabs for under floor heating systems.



The cost of typical concrete materials and placing is a small component of the total cost of your structure. The potential costs of repairing defects are very high. Use Flow Concrete to:

  • Maintain crew productivity everyday.
  • Help prevent costly repairs and scheduling issues from defects.
  • Minimize concrete segregation when placing through steel.
  • Speed placement of concrete overall.
  • Improved tolerances of floors and slabs
  • High Quality finishes
  • High Quality off-shutter finishes


Technical Features:

Flow Concrete maintains all performance properties without degrading the quality or voiding warranty with the use of excess

  • Maintaining strength performance.
  • Maintaining permeability and air void structure.
  • Minimizing plastic shrinkage and potential for segregation.
  • Not affecting color or chloride contents.


Improve productivity without affecting quality:

Concrete is clearly specified with criteria for the in-place performance of the structure. The compressive strength, the air-void ratio, the aggregate sizing, and more. Flow Concrete allows you to maintain all the specifications that are demanded but still improve crew productivity and ensure that work gets done correctly the first time.


Flow retention is affected by ambient temperature as well as other properties of the concrete required.