Colored Concrete for Pattern Imprinting


Artevia™ Print is an incredibly lifelike range of texture pavements, stone and natural effect finishes.


  • All concrete flat works and pavements.
  • Driveways and walkways.
  • Patios, Teracces.
  • Swimming pool surrounds.
  • Enhancement of architectural features.
  • Floors (domestic, retail outlets, shopping malls).



    • A natural traditional look.
    • Cost effective solution.
    • Durable (excellent ageing properties).
    • Extremely low maintenance – no weeding.
    • Unlimited potential for different patterns and finishes.
    • Several colors are available.
    • No risk of delamination of colour layer.
    • A long lasting and fade resistant inbuilt decorative solution
    • Less labor required.
    • Vandal-proof paving solution.
    • Available in 10mm and 20mm aggregates size.



    • Artevia™ is Lafarge’s range of superior decorative concretes, which offer architects, developers, contractors and specifiers a wide scope for aesthetic, durable and cost effective finishes.
    • Artevia™ Print mixes can be specified for use with almost any concrete and are suitable for most applications including domestic, structural and precast concrete applications.
    • The fines content in Artevia™ Print mixes is set at the optimum level for each aggregates type / cement content in order to achieve a good print.
    • Artevia™ Print will behave in exactly the same way as equivalent standard grade of concrete with regards to slump, placing and set time. As with all concrete, provision should be made for movement, with the incorporation of slip membranes and contraction and expansion joints.


    Ensuring Satisfaction:

    As with any concrete work, the quality of the final product is strongly influenced by the quality and consistency of the application work. We approved to offer this product as supply and apply to insure obtaining the best results from our Artevia™ range.