Exposed Aggregate Concrete


Artevia™ Exposed is a natural exposed aggregate concrete in a broad range of colours and textures. It is a reliable and robust exterior concrete with exceptional aesthetically pleasing finishes.


  • Driveways and walkways.
  • Ramped areas.
  • Traffic circles, roads & town center pedestrian areas.
  • Demarcated areas.
  • Paths and parklands.
  • Cityscapes & Terraces.
  • Garden paths & poolside areas.



  • A natural look.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Durable (excellent ageing properties).
  • Extremely low maintenance – no weeding.
  • Slip / skid resistant surface.
  • Will not sink or heave as with traditional paving – reduced trip hazards.
  • Choice of colors and aggregate finishes.
  • Low porosity.



  • Artevia™ is Lafarge’s range of superior decorative concretes, which offer architects, developers, contractors and specifiers a wide scope for aesthetic, durable and cost effective finishes.
  • Artevia™ Exposed will behave in exactly the same way as equivalent non-colored grade of concrete with regards to slump, placing and set time. As with all concrete, provision should be made for movement, with the incorporation of slip membranes and contraction and expansion joints.
  • The depth of etch / exposure can be varied.
  • Artevia™ Exposed is delivered at the ordered slump with sufficient pigment to color at this w/c ratio. Adding water on site over the ordered slump should be avoided as this will have a significant impact on the color.
  • When pigmented concrete is used, a two layer construction can be considered for large pavements areas in excess of 125mm thick. The minimum depth of topping is 70mm.
  • It should be noted that some local variations from the color chart / samples are to be expected as a result of different raw materials used in different parts of the country. Aggregates are natural occurring materials and thus variation in color and size are inevitable.



Concrete is a composite material and even though every care is taken to keep the material as homogeneous as possible, the colour of different loads may show marginal variations. Artevia™ Exposed should not be used as a screed.


Ensuring Satisfaction:

As with any concrete work, the quality of the final product is strongly influenced by the quality and consistency of the application work. We approved to offer this product as supply and apply to insure obtaining the best results from our Artevia™ range.