Stabilized Morbricks


Stabilized Morbricks is a series of different grades of high quality premixed mortar batched in Lafarge’s concrete plant, delivered to site ready to use. No addition of water or other raw materials is required on site.

The product will ensure that you receive the finest quality of mortar on site, allowing excellent workability for up to 36 hours. However, it is also like conventional Mortar in that it will begin the setting process once in contact with absorbing substrate (bricks, concrete block, etc).


The product does not require additional mixing provided it is kept covered with plastic or HDPE (high density polyethylene sheet) while not in use.




  • Ready to Use

Stabilized Morbricks is batched in a Lafarge concrete plant and supplied right to the job site.


  • Consistent High Quality

The dosage and the compressive strength of the Stabilized Morbricks are guaranteed when manufactured in Lafarge plants with advanced computer batching systems.


  • Reduce Construction Time

Stabilized Morbricks allows efficient utilization of the labor force as no mixing is required on site.


  • Reduction in Waste

On site, waste is significantly reduced as, unlike traditional site mixed mortar, the product keeps its workability for up to 36 hours and can be transported anywhere within the site.


  • Significant Productivity Savings and Hidden Costs Reduction

Traditional mixing and transport costs of raw material (sand, cement bags, etc.) are eliminated.


Reduction of hidden costs associated with traditional site mixed mortar such as electricity, water, wastage and downtime.


  • Optimized Site Space Utilization

Stock of cement bags and sand is no longer needed. Raw material storage is removed, creating more space for project activity and allows project managers to meet local regulation.


  • Prevention of Material Theft

No raw material stock required on site any more


  • Deliveries

Stabilized Morbricks can be supplied in the required quantities with a minimum quantity of 1m³.


Lafarge can provide mortar tubs (plastic containers) that are designed for its morbicks products. The mortar tub has 0.33m³ capacity and can be lifted with crane.