2030 Plan


“The 2030 Plan” The LafargeHolcim Sustainability Strategy

Building for tomorrow

As LafargeHolcim, we want to lead in sustainability and set new standards. We want to transform the way our industry works and encourage the whole construction sector to play its part in addressing our planet's biggest issues. As the global leader in the construction materials industry, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference.

How will we do this? 


"The 2030 Plan"

"The 2030 Plan" focuses on how we can improve the sustainability of our operations and come up with innovative, sustainable solutions for better building and infrastructure. Our plan also looks beyond our own business activities to our wider industry. We are committed to working in partnerships to make the entire construction value chain more innovative and more mindful of the use of resources and the impact on nature. And we are committed to improving communities' lives by providing solutions to their challenges. Ultimately, we believe "The 2030 Plan" will help us do better - for communities and the planet, as well as our business. It will help us build for tomorrow


Driving innovation


Our ambition

We will lead through innovation and develop products, services and solutions with enhanced environmental and social performance. We will be a thought-leader in our sector and drive transformation along the construction value chain. We will identify, promote and reward the most progressive thinking in the construction industry via the LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. Our target We want to generate 1/3 of our revenue from our "2030 Solutions" - a portfolio of products and services with enhanced sustainability performance.



Our industry is critical - construction materials are part of infrastructure, housing, public and commercial buildings all over the world.


Our ambition

We will continue our mission to cut net CO2 emissions per tonne of cement. We will also help our customers avoid CO2 emissions being released from buildings and infrastructure throughout their entire life-cycle using our portfolio of sustainable products and services. Our targets By 2030, we want to produce 40 less  net CO2 per tonne of cement than we did in 1990 - representing an additional effort of 19 reduction if we consider 2014 as reference year. This will help us remain the most CO2efficient global business in our sector.  In line with the global climate agreement made at COP21, we commit to revising this target every five years to adapt to technical innovations and changes to climate change regulations. By 2030, we want to help our customers avoid 10 million tonnes of CO2 released every year from buildings and infrastructure by using our innovative solutions


Circular Economy

Natural resources are becoming scarce. In waste we see solutions. We're innovating and developing new, sustainable ways to use waste and creating products that live beyond their initial purpose.


Our ambition

We will create more value from waste by transforming it into resources for all our production processes - providing sustainable waste treatment solutions. In urban areas, we will use construction and demolition waste to produce recycled aggregates. Our targets By 2030, we want to use 80 million tonnes of resources made from waste in our operations each year. By 2030, we will be supplying 4 times more recycled aggregates than today.


Water & Nature

Water shortage is one of the big issues our planet faces and we need water to make our products. So, we're making it our mission to reduce the amount of freshwater we withdraw from nature and use it carefully. In dry areas, we give more water to communities and ecosystems than we take. And we take care of biodiversity in all the areas where we operate.


Our ambition

We will use less freshwater in all our business lines. We will give more water to communities and nature than we take in water-scarce areas. We want to demonstrate a global positive change to biodiversity in our mining sites. We will provide appropriate hygiene conditions of all workers on our sites. Our targets By 2030, we want to achieve a 30 reduction in the amount of freshwater we withdraw from nature to produce our cement. We want to make a positive difference to water resources in areas where it's scarce. We want to demonstrate a global net positive change for biodiversity by 2030. We want to make sure all our employees and contractors can access safe water, sanitation and hygiene on all our operational sites.


People & Communities

Rising populations and urbanization are changing the way we live and work. We're continuing to put health and safety at the heart of everything we do. We're also making a difference by giving communities safe, healthy shelter through affordable housing. And we're fighting for fairness by taking a stand against bribery and workplace inequality.


Our ambition

We will further develop and provide affordable housing solutions for people who need it most. We will provide inclusive business models and education and health programs to support local communities' economic and social development. We will take a stand against corruption and bribery. We will promote and use responsible and sustainable business practices throughout our value chain. In particular, we will work for the universal respect of human rights. We will champion diversity in our sector. We will continue to put health and safety at the center of everything we do. Health and safety is LafargeHolcim's overarching value.


Our targets

By 2030, we want to help 75 million people live better lives through our affordable housing solutions, our inclusive business initiatives and our social investments. We want to work with others to fight bribery and corruption in all the high-risk countries where we operate. We want to implement our Sustainable Procurement Initiative in all the countries we operate in. We want to promote equality and diversity at LafargeHolcim. We want to achieve a minimum of 30 gender diversity at all management levels around our business by 2030. By 2030, we want to achieve a zero fatality target, a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate of 0.2, a 50 reduction in Total Injury Frequency Rate (vs 2015), and have an occupational disease rate of 0.1.


Together, we can make "The 2030 Plan" happen

Today, "The 2030 Plan" is a vision, a roadmap.  In just over a decade our ambition will be a reality. But we can't do it alone. It takes all of us - everyone working at LafargeHolcim, everyone we partner with, everyone working in the construction industry - to make it happen. We want you to get involved in "The 2030 Plan". Whether you're a LafargeHolcim employee with a story to share, a customer with an idea for how we could do something better, or an organization who would like to work with us, please get in touch with: The2030plan@lafargeholcim.com.


Check out www.lafargeholcim.com/2030-Plan for more information. Let's build for tomorrow.